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Bookkeeping Client Testimonials

Elena Mirabella, Office Manager

Not just a bookkeeper – an awesome teacher.  In 2004, Sarah got our books onto an accounting program and off of Excel spreadsheets.  We recently switched to QuickBooks Online.  She took care of the transition and it was seamless!  The program itself is very good.  Sarah showed us how to save time by automating little steps.  Looking forward to another fifteen years and more!

Judy Mills, Owner
(Burger King Franchisee)

The Mills Group

Sarah readily adapted to our business and is a professional and knowledgeable bookkeeper.  She is a patient trainer and I highly recommend her services.

Dr. Kevin J.D. Ridley, PH. D., P. Eng.

We hired Sarah in 2006 after starting our company.  She prepares monthly financial statements, files monthly deductions, prepares the HST and organizes the business side of our operations.  She has successfully commandeered these tasks.  Sarah ensures that we concentrate on our business, amicably and professionally.  She is an integral part of our team and her diligence contributes to our continued success.  Keep up the great work!

Happy Contractor

Curtis W. Clarke, Senior Mining Consultant

Golder Associates Ltd.

Sarah and her team provided my firm with a complete and  accurate work product promptly.  I recommend her company and its services.

Happy Welder

Tax Preparation Client Testimonials

Michael Buttner

For the second year in a row, Sarah has been beyond excellent.  Sarah is passionate about what she does and she knows her stuff.  Don’t just drop off your paperwork, you can talk things through and the fees are kept down.  Patiently get answers to all of your crazy questions.  Help is available throughout the year.  She loves what she does and she’s great at explaining everything.  She is super great to talk to and is helpful.  I look forward to continuing to do business with her for years to come.

Matthew Poitras, Sales Representative

Sarah and her team are amazing.  Hang out with friends and enjoy each other’s company in this welcoming atmosphere.  Speedy and accurate taxes pursued with a purpose.  I am a customer for life and encourage you all to have Yorkshire Enterprises handle your taxes.

Sonya Di Renzo

I felt overwhelmed searching for a business I could trust to complete my taxes and at a fair rate.  Google did not fail me in my search, providing the business, Yorkshire!  Sarah provided the support I was looking for within moments of contacting her.  She even opened a spot for me the same day to accommodate my working schedule.  She met with me, asked a few questions, and didn’t judge me.  Trying to complete my taxes was overwhelming.  I left relieved and very happy Google found me the right person to help today.  This is the place if you’re looking for a business to complete your taxes.  Set your appointment, you won’t be disappointed.

Bonnie Johnstone

Great service!  We are new customers for this company and would highly recommend Sarah and her team.  We look forward to dealing with you again in the future.  Wishing you the best!

Jason Gundy

Simply put…Yorkshire provides an extremely friendly atmosphere with the attention to detail you are looking for.  Get what you deserve at tax time by Sarah and her determined team.

Mary-Jane Buchner

Sarah is always knowledgeable, efficient, professional and helpful.  I have never had an issue she can’t help me with.

Kathryn Pike

Sarah does my taxes every year and takes care of absolutely everything.  She’s always around to answer questions, and she makes the whole process seem easy.

Jo McConomy

Sarah’s awesome, she’s very thorough and we get fantastic service every time.  Highly recommend this firm.  Thanks, Sarah for all that you do!

Edward Moore

Great job and she took me in on short notice close to the end of tax season!  Highly recommended!!!

Willemijn Boks

Sarah is amazing to work with. She goes above and beyond to make sure everything is done quickly and without any stress. Answers to all of my questions were quick and professional.  She took the time to make sure I understood everything every step of the way. I would highly recommend her to everyone.

Kelli and Kelly Kosonic

Yorkshire is and has been exceptional to work with.  We received answers to all of our questions by Sarah.  Knowledgeable and experienced staff prepared our taxes fast and organized.  Working with Yorkshire was the most easy and stress-free tax experience we have ever had from beginning to end.  I highly recommend Sarah and this business.  Yorkshire supports her clients and our town.

Found out about tax refund
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