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It’s tax time again – but no need to worry. We can help! We’re flexible, dependable, and we have extensive tax experience. Trust us to be affordable, easy and stress-free!

Stop dreading tax time. Start relying on Yorkshire Enterprises.

Your tax return can be done WHILE YOU WAIT or you can DROP OFF your information and we’ll call you upon completion or REMOTE SERVICES are available.

We offer income tax return preparation services in Halton Hills (Georgetown & Acton) and surrounding areas including Burlington, Milton & Oakville, Ontario.

We have been preparing personal income tax returns since 2005.  From basic returns to the more complex return including sole proprietors and partnerships.  We update our knowledge of our ever-changing Canadian tax rules annually to be better prepared and aware of how to help our clients maximize their returns year after year.  Additionally, when the Canada Revenue Agency sends a review letter for verification of information from your tax return, we will prepare and submit the follow-up documents rather than leaving this for you to solve which further allows us to provide a stress-free experience.

Reviewing your bank and credit card reconciliations

Reconciling your bank account and credit cards on a regular basis is critical.  When you get to the year-end, if this doesn’t reconcile your accounts will be wrong.  You could end up paying too much tax because you’ve missed allowable expenses.  Or you risk fines and penalties from the Canada Revenue Agency because you’ve missed taxable income.  Or you have to pay higher accountancy fees to have it sorted out when producing year-end financial statements.  So, what we do is review your bank accounts and credit cards to check they are reconciled.  This means you get an early warning sign if something is going wrong with your bookkeeping.  We can fix it before it becomes a serious problem for you.

Health Check

We will review your bookkeeping entries every month or quarter to look for any errors or omissions.  This will give you peace of mind that what you are doing is correct and provides an early warning signal if anything needs fixing (before it becomes a big problem).  Our clients love us for our speed, accuracy, attention to detail, friendly working atmosphere, and professionalism.  These are all guaranteed if you hire Yorkshire Enterprises, but we can wrap our business package nicely for you by introducing you to the latest technology in the form of cloud bookkeeping/accounting, for one.  Is is time to spend your valuable time more on your business instead of spending hours on your bookkeeping.  Let our more experienced professionals do this for you and save time and money in the process.  If you are from Ontario and you need our bookkeeping services, just call Yorkshire Enterprises today for an appointment!

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How to get started?

If you are interested in our income tax return preparation services, please feel free to reach out so we can continue the conversation.  We can discuss our recommendations and costs for a proposed solution for your situation.

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